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Who is CSIA? How can we help?

CSIA's goal is to promote, develop and directly serve the needs of all Australians who work in customer service

Customer service as a profession

Improve the level of professionalism through assessment, accreditation and certification. This provides staff with great potential for promotion and/or career advancement.

Drive performance of organisations

Empower organisations to improve the design, delivery and effectiveness of customer service strategies, policies and systems by developing standards, certification and awards programs.

Enabling staff at all levels

To enable people working in customer service with the education and professional standards to reach their full potential.

Provide research and knowledge

To improve knowledge of customer service excellence through research, training and development programs, publications, awards, conferences and customer focus groups.

A public voice for professionals

To provide a voice for customer service professionals and enhance the status of these individuals and customer service issues via the media and public education forums.

A customer focused community

CSIA works with many of Australia’s leading organisations helping them increase customer satisfaction and engagement.

Customer Philosophy

CSIA's happy customer philosophy

High quality customer service is universally regarded as imperative for long-term business success. To enhance customer service in your organisation join the CSIA. We are driven by and committed to the development of people, systems and standards to improve customer service.

CSIA's additional connections

CSIA is also the secretariat for the International
Council of Customer Service Organisations

ICCSO Responsibilities

ICCSO is the body responsible for the International Service Excellence Awards and accrediting organisations to assess and certify organisations to the International Customer Service Standard.

What ICCSO provides

ICCSO comprises of international member organisations which promote service excellence through international customer service standards, certification, awards and professional development programs.

ICCSO Founding members

  • Asia Pacific Customer Service Consortium
  • Customer Service Institute of America
  • Customer Service Institute of Australia
  • Hellenic Institute of Customer Service
  • Hong Kong Customer Service Consortium


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