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  • How do I demonstrate a link between customer experience and KPIs
  • How do I develop and execute a customer experience strategy
  • How do I use customer experience in business operations
  • How do I build a business case for customer experience initiatives


  • How to align employee mindset and behaviours
  • How to create a customer centric enviroment
  • How to receive recognition for my contribution, my team or company
  • How do we improve complaint handling
  • Customised training, workshops and courses


  • How to develop staff
  • How to gain staff certification
  • Training for a half day or full day
  • Creating positive recognition for driving this change
  • How do we shift the staff mindset

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To provide the best possible customer experience, you need to be thinking ahead. What could happen? What do my customers need? What’s next? We’ll help you prepare for these challenges, with a globally recognised service standard.



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Great customer service isn’t static. It changes over time, and presents new challenges for the professionals who work in the field. At CSIA, our focus is on continual improvement – so that you’re not just seeing the world through a customer lens, but refocusing when it heads somewhere new.



What other professionals say about us

testimonial 1

ISS is a global facility services company with the vision of becoming the "world's greatest service organisation". All of our activities and the services we provide to thousands of customers every day are structured in order to realise this vision. The endorsement by CSIA that we are providing service successfully to the ICSS is something we are very proud of and assists us building pride and purpose for our employees to deliver great customer service.

Darryl Prince
Director of People & Culture - ISS Facility Services

testimonial 2

Customer experience management is influenced by the performance of disparate business departments and the biggest challenge in successful customer experience transformation is achieving alignment across multiple parts of the organisation. This is where the International Customer Service Standard (ICSS) certification through CSIA becomes critical. As the former Head of Customer Strategy at Metro Trains Melbourne, charged with the conceptualisation and delivery of Customer Experience Transformation, the ICSS Certification program was the critical first step to Metro’s journey. This process helped us define a common goal for the organisation to aspire to and offered us a proven method of achieving greater customer centricity.

The ICSS framework is an excellent structure for benchmarking customer experience while offering sufficient flexibility to define our Customer Strategy for strategic differentiation. The framework helped us to focus on the right priorities to achieve the right outcomes for our customers. The certification process was gruelling and challenging, but with the guidance and counsel of the CSIA team, the Metro team was able to achieve Certification in less than a year.

In CSIA we found true business partners invested in our success. CSIA helped us to connect with and learn from other organisations from public transport and other industries that had undergone, or were going through, the certification process. The opportunity to learn from our peers while leveraging the CSIA approach and framework to find solutions to real world business challenges was invaluable. I would highly recommend the CSIA team and the certification process to anyone embarking on a Customer Experience transformation journey.

Amrita Bhattacharyya

testimonial 3

When Rockend first contacted CSIA, we believed our service standard was good; what we discovered is that we didn’t know what we didn’t know. Aligning our customer service strategy to the ICSS with CSIA was a 5-year journey that paid enormous dividends for the whole business. Professionalising our service delivery and improving both our business performance and service culture.

Steven Brett General Manager Customer Service - Rockend

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